Friday, November 14, 2008

Cut Copy- "Far Away (ddpesh Remix)"

I said I was going to post this a week ago but... man I've been busy... instead of some long drawn out explanation I'm just posting it. No, neither ddpesh or Cut Copy are British. But ddpesh are friends and the remix is bangin'... and Cut Copy come from Britian's favourite prison island called Australia! Just kidding just kidding! that never gets old though...

Cut Copy- "Far Away (ddpesh Remix"

If you somehow missed ddpesh's remix of MGMT vs Justice vs Notorious BIG you missed the biggest party weapon for Serato ever. WAKE UP SON! Gotta give credit where credit is due...

While we're talking about Cut Copy... we just found out they are doing one last leg of their tour for this album. Anyone gonna get me a ticket for my birthday? Their Chicago show is on my Birthday!

03/06 AUSTIN, TX - Stubb's BBQ
03/07 DALLAS, TX - Granada Theater
03/09 POMONA, CA - The Glass House
03/10 LOS ANGELES, CA - Henry Fonda Theater
03/11 LOS ANGELES, CA - Henry Fonda Theater
03/12 SAN FRANCISCO, CA - The Fillmore
03/13 LAS VEGAS, NV - House of Blues
03/15 DENVER, CO - Bluebird Theater
03/17 ST. LOUIS, MO - The Gargoyle
03/18 CHICAGO, IL - Vic Theater
03/20 TORONTO, ON - Circa
03/21 NEW YORK, NY - Terminal 5
03/22 BOSTON, MA - House Of Blues
03/23 WASHINGTON, DC - The 9:30 club
03/24 CARBORRO, NC - Cat's Cradle
03/26 ATLANTA, GA - Masquerade
03/27 ORLANDO, FL - Club Firestone

So yeah if you wanna buy a homie a ticket I would be appreciative. However, if you're a girl my wife might deck you, unless you have a boyfriend or husband glued to your arm. Not saying my wife is a super jealous woman... no, I'm saying bitches is scandalous!

Hahaha no I'm kidding, no one would want to be near me except my wife. I'm too much of a pain in the ass gathering from what I've found upon re-reading soul shredding notes from my ex-girlfriend. My favourite line from this note was "My family hates you. My friends hate you. And some of your friends probably think you're an idiot too"

She is totally wrong. My friends don't think I'm an idiot. The think I'm a tw^t!

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