Tuesday, November 04, 2008

GTA present their new single "Breakthrough"

I never get tired of GTA... "Breakthrough" is positive hip hop that just makes you want you keep starting the song over when it ends. I really really like this song... and while the production is fresh (nice new spin on this sample) it's the verses that keep it from just being a fresh sounding instrumental! Trying to tell you how good this song is almost impossible because it's the type of song that will inspire feelings that are hard to describe to others. It's just damn good!

Here's a little press...
GTA (Junior Doctor Chima Anya and Ineffable) are back with their new single taken from their imminent full length LP "The Way" out on Phoenix down.

"Breakthrough" - the third single from the highly anticipated debut album has already stood the test of time, having already established classic status as a local anthem in and around Oxford circa 2005. The 08' version has some new delightfully endearing shuffling drums while retaining the triumphant horns and catchy chorus that made the original shine.

Sampling The O’Jay’s “Darlin, Darlin, Baby” GTA’s rendition is strong enough to stand side by side with the samples last notable outing on Big Pun’s "I'm not a playa" – and that’s really saying something.

GTA- "Breakthrough" zShare

I'm not sure if I was supposed to post the track or not so I may not keep it up long. You need to cop this album obviously!

Here's the video...

Speaking of positivity hopefully Obama wins tonight and we can all stop being so gloomy! Peace!

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