Thursday, November 06, 2008

Machines Don't Care- "Beat Bang (Trevor Loveys Remix)"

Oh good old Machines Don't Care... it would have been nice if I would have finished the damn Hervé or Toddla T interviews to post with this song but, alas, I have not :( I'll get it done soon enough, cool your jets. I've been busy! Work is really hard right now and it's hard to research (to write questions) and call at the same time. Being in marketing has its ups and downs (yeah that's my real job) and sometimes that means you can write and call... sometimes you've got to scramble to get the work done! I try my best to get this stuff written for you guys but I have to work, and I have to spend time with my wife... I'm sure you understand :)

Anyway, the Machines Don't Care boys are Arcadian Family (Herve is friends with a couple of my friends, as is Sinden *whose new 'Get Familiar' mix is amazing*, Toddla is down with Arcadia, and we've posted tons of their stuff). I'm very pleased to be giving you a glimpse of their new single!

Here's some press...
"Beat Bang (Trevor Loveys Dub Remix) - Machines Don’t Care
Released: 1st December 2008
Useful links:

Machines Don’t Care is Hervé’s collaboration project and is an outlet for him to release unashamedly fresh club music. The first Machines long playing set was released earlier this year and has already had to be re-pressed three times, it is flying out in Japan and is about to get a full release in the US via Dim Mak.

‘Beat Bang’ proved a club favourite so is the obvious choice for first single. There’s also remixes on the package by another Hervé alter-ego Action Man, and new Machine Mujava, which Hervé has also done an edit on

The second Machines Don’t Care album will be recorded in one month next year and released a month later, with Hervé compiling a fresh and exciting list of collaborators alongside the familiar names.

320kpbs full length version of Trevor Loveys’ mix is available from the Machines website by signing up to the mailing list"

And here's the track!
Machines Don't Care- "Beat Bang (Trevor Loveys Remix)" zShare

Machines Don't Care- "Beat Bang (Trevor Loveys Remix)" YSI

You can get a higher quality copy of this joint if you join the mailing list... c'mon... you know you want that 320 kbps one DJ boy/girl! It's some good shizz... you know you want it in all it's floor shaking glory!

On another note, my friend Megan wrote a brilliant article for The Onion which you should read here. You should also peep her in the video for Onion News Network's video about Obama obsessives. She's at exactly 2:12 trying to put a ripped in half Obama sign back together like a zombie lol...

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