Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Robot Koch vs Charles Mingus= Genius

Funny this Charles Mingus business.

I was listening to "Mercury" by Bloc Party this morning and then thinking about Kid A by Radiohead (because of all the wild horns in "Mercury")... and remembering Radiohead mentioning that Charles Mingus had influenced them while making the "The National Anthem" (the one with the wild jazzy ending, which in turn made me think about what connections can be made between said Radiohead album and the Bloc Party album, as different as they may be)...

Then I check my email and dear Robot Koch has sent me this Charles Mingus remix! Talk about wild coincidence!

Then while I was listening to this song I was thinking, "You know even a couple years ago you wouldn't get some super fucking awesome track from a big name producer like this for free. In the past this would have been held back from the public or never put out there at all... but this new version of the internet lends to sharing ideas, especially new music"... this remix is exceptionally cool, and I don't say that because Robert is part of the Arcadian Family, it's cool because it's really really fucking well done and it's a great idea...

All in all it's been a thought provoking morning... now sit back and smoke on this :)
Robot Koch vs Charles Mingus- "Moanin'"

Robot Koch vs Charles Mingus- "Moanin'" YSI

Ahhhhh yes... the Koch is always refreshing. Speaking of dude... when are we gonna see some new Jahcoozi? I'll bother him about that and see what I can tell you guys. Until then enjoy this and I'll be back REALLY soon!

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