Monday, November 03, 2008

Fatboy Slim project, The BPA, presents 2nd single "Seattle"!

So... not only have "the tapes been found" but we also have a fantastic second single from the rapidly approaching album from Norman Cook/Fatboy Slim's new project The BPA! The last single "Toe Jam" I was able to give to you guys and, man, talk about flooding the market! There have been like two mixtapes out of like 30 that I've seen that DON'T have some form of that track on 'em. Looks like it was well received to say the least :)

Hopefully you all will enjoy this track as much as the last one... Emmy The Great handles vocals on this one... and frankly after one verse I wanted to hear more from her (yeah, apparently I haven't been keeping up on hipster duties because I'm not too familiar with her work... but it's rad). The video is really cool (even though it doesn't have nude people doing impossible positions like the last video lol...

Here's "the tapes" that have been FOUND! The mysterious history of the BPA...

And here's the goods... the first link is to BOTH tracks and they are extremely high quality (presumably for you DJ folk out there)... for the rest of the readers I converted the tracks to MP3 so they don't take up so much hard drive space lol...

The BPA- "Seattle (Remixes)" YSI

The BPA- "Seattle (Crazy P Remix)" Mediafire

The BPA- "Seattle (Jaimie Fanatic Big Mix)" Mediafire

The Crazy P remix is stuttery disco with the vocal woven into a textures supporting the instrumental. I'm wondering if this is Crazy Penis? Did he change his name or is this someone else? Probably can't get onto iTunes with a name like Crazy Penis... but this would go well in a mix next to some Metro Area or some Chicken Lips for sure!

The Jaimie Fanatic Big Mix is just that... BIG! It's got some dark electro-y bass, and major anthem synths, but also shiny sun soaked vocals peeking through. This will draw attention from just about any crowd and would fit next to some Chemical Brothers or something... this mix couldn't just slip in next to anything... but if you're looking to move your mix from subtle to badass quickly this would be a good one to make that happen.

Southern Fried will be handling the album in the U.K.... I don't know who is putting it out, BUT it will be coming out January 2009 in the U.S... as a reminder, if you didn't catch the last post, the album will feature David Byrne, Dizzee Rascal, Emmy The Great, Iggy Pop, Pete York, Jack Penate, Jamie T, Martha Wainwright, Conan, Olly Hite, Lateef, Ashley Beedle, Simon Thornton, Thomas Gandey, and Justin Robertson. I seriously can't wait for this...

Ok. I think I'm getting my stride back after that DCMA debacle. I still have to fax something over to Google but... you'll notice I put up a fair use notice. This site is supposed promote artists, be a journalistic outlet, and a music criticism site... so my posting tracks is not for ANYONE to steal music. It's to make people want to BUY music and support artists. By those definitions I'm pretty sure posting tracks falls under fair use. Perhaps I'll have to start embedding stuff instead of posting it unless I have prior consent. We'll see.

It's a brave new world out there but I'm a little frightened about where it's going. In the meantime at least we have artists like The BPA willing to give us tracks so mad props to them, Zoe, and Southern Fried! Be back soon.

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