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Monday goodies! Kotchy & BD1982, Buffetlibre DJs, and a Skream & Benga Riot Van?

We'll get to this Skream and Benga thing in a minute!

I rarely do "off format" posts... this is a British blog and that's that. NOW, every once and a while I'll make the exception... Kotchy has been stirring up a lot of attention in recent months and this remix of "One For the Money" by BD1982 is baller... gotta love those dub sounds...

Here's some press...
With "One For the Money" there's a more intelligent, deconstructive feel. Dub-conscious dance music for fan's of Flying Lotus, Rustie and Beck, it's beautiful and anthemic. Heartfelt vocals, Kotchy's prodigious talent with his drum kit and eloquent cuts & samples all intertwine with a melancholic, nostalgic feel.

Kotchy- "One For The Money (BD1982 Remix)"

Thanks to the good peeps at Civil Music you can get a handful of free tracks from them including more Kotchy at! As well as more Kotchy at his website here.

On another note Buffetlibre DJs have a new tape coming out! Since it has quite a few British artists on it I thought their free downloads would be worth posting...

Ladies and gentlemen, don't forget to put your clocks back. 1st January is the release date of Rewind Part 2, the 70's, 80's & 90's cover project by Buffetlibre Dj's...

In Rewind Part 1, released past 1st July, Buffetlibre Dj's were joined by 60 bands and producers, as Dragonette, Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin, Electric Soft Parade, The Cloud Room, Frankmusik, Anoraak, RAC, Xinobi, and Moulinex. This time, more than 100 artists are recording new 70's, 80's & 90's covers to be part of Rewind Part 2.

Artists participating in Rewind Part 2: Au Revoir Simone, Bonde Do Role, Amiina, 1990s, Headlights, Little Boots, Whitey, Starfucker, Sidechains, Delorean, Boy 8-Bit, The Shoes, Electric Youth, 80Kidz, The Requesters, The Young Punx, Malente, AC Slater, Sohodolls, Sportsday Megaphone, The Ruby Suns, Miami Horror, Revolte, Robbers On High Street, Mendetz, Facteur, Justin Faust, Russ Chimes, Aleks And The Drummer, CFCF, The Glass, Codebreaker, Mojib, DVAS, Project Jenny Project Jan, Love Motel, Pin Me Down, Minitel Rose, Heads We Dance, Little Pictures, Redial, We Have Band, Division Kent, Man Like Me, Cobra Dukes, Division Day, Grafton Primary, Tender Forever, Ultraviolet, Freezepop, Giko, Electric Valentine, Super Mal, LAZRtag, Parker Lewis, Kah, 1984, Plugs, We Were The States, Absent F, Damn Arms, Sound Of Arrows, The Old Believers, Beau Jennings, Josh & Anand, Saar & Sky, Bikini, Americans In France, Millioners, Elias & The Wizzkids, Deltawave, Phantom's Revenge, Matt Keating, FLOU; CatComplex, Setting Sun, Diamond Cut, Youth Attack, Nightwaves, The Amplid, Hidrogenesse, Charlie ASH, The Model, Fight Bite, Canadians & Cherielynn Westrich, The Mocks, Computer Club, Schnitzer, Calling In Sick, Bling Crosby, Dolby Anol, La Chansons, Chin Chin, Gun'n Rose, The E.L.F., Evarial, Black Holes, Baron Von Luxxury, Club 84, Rory Philips, The Picture, The Very Best, TMX, Maethelvin, Jools MF, p e a c e FIRE

This second part of the Rewind project will be released on 1st January and will be available for free download in mp3 format.

Here's 3 new premieres of Rewind Part 2!

First, Justin Faust remixing "Hey You" (original by Rock Steady Crew): Rock Steady Crew - "Hey You (Justin Faust remix)"

This is spanish producer CatComplex remixing "Juliet" (original by Robin Gibb): Robin Gibb - Juliet (CatComplex remix)"

And finally, Canadians & Cherielynn Westrich (ex The Rentals) covering "Neverending Story" (original by Giorgio Moroder): Canadians feat Cherielynn Westrich - "Neverending Story"

Dig on those guys... NOW... here's the most interesting part to me. Apparently EMI has a 'social responsibility' program... and in good old Pimp My Ride fashion they had BENGA AND SKREAM GET INVOLVED WITH PIMPING A RIOT VAN?!?!?. Hey I can get down with that! The show still has yet to air... it's 30th November... the info is below :)

Let's start with some downloads though... this demo is from the best Artic Monkey's fansite...

Arctic Monkeys- "Riot Van (Demo)" (off BAM007) YSI

And while we're at it how about a Skream track too!

Skream- "Skunk Step" YSI

And here's a good Benga & Skream track you may have missed!

Ok onto the story...

"MTV UK, EMI and Metropolitan Police service hand over pimped riot van to youth charity XLP

London, October 27th 2008: MTV UK, EMI and the Metropolitan Police have today revealed the revamped police riot van that has been pimped for London based youth charity XLP. The unique partnership aims to engage with young people to foster a greater understanding and counter the increasing concern about youth violence in London. The renovation will feature in a half hour special presented by Pimp My Ride UK presenter Tim Westwood, broadcast on 30th November at 7pm, MTV One.

“Using the popularity of the Pimp My Ride brand creates a high profile way in which we can go into local communities and help to make a positive change” says Philip O’Ferrall, Vice President Digital Media, MTV UK. “The initiative will have an impact in helping to reduce violence, and the van provides the opportunity for young people to talk, learn new skills and gain experience that they can apply to everyday life.”

The vehicle, ‘pimped’ by the production team behind the hugely popular MTV show Pimp My Ride UK, has been jam packed with music-based state-of-the-art equipment including a fully functioning recording studio, a mixing desk, pro-speakers and subs, three wireless laptops and a digital video camera. It also includes a sound proof booth for vocal recordings, which holds pro-mics, headphones and an electric guitar. The van will also be used as a stage where young people can gain performance experience.

The front of the van has been refitted in carbon fibre, black PVC with white leather seats, and there is a new MP3 stereo head unit with flipout 7" DVD screen. The side door now opens vertically, and a 40" plasma screen and Xbox with wireless controllers faces out of the side of the van. Also lying flat on the roof is a full sized remote controlled basketball backboard and hoop which rises and extends from the rear of the van.

The van, managed by XLP will be used by young people across select London boroughs including Southwark, Lewisham, Bexley, Newham, Tower Hamlets, Greenwich and Islington. XLP will be working with these adolescents to involve them in a number of projects including recording and publishing musical and drama projects; providing a performance platform where they can be mentored and giving basic training in music production. XLP will regularly work with music and performance arts departments in schools in urban priority areas to assist in preparing GCSE material as well as extra curricular training in music and drama. Additional funding to ensure the van is kept roadworthy and to cover its running expenses has been secured from the Safer London Foundation.

“The newly ‘pimped’ van will add a fresh dynamic to our work with London’s youth. We are looking forward to extending our work in the community arts in this innovative way, helping even more young people explore their creative potential” says Patrick Regan, CEO, XLP.

Additionally, XLP will be hosting regular podcast shows, documenting youth issues and giving them a platform to air their opinions, play their music or perform live. The charity will also film a series of at least six dramatic performances from young people which will be used as learning resources in schools, as well as using the van to resource other youth work initiatives.

Superintendent John Sutherland, Metropolitan Police Service at Islington, says: "The Met Police are committed to doing whatever it takes to make London a safer place for young people. We recognise that we can’t do that alone - and this exciting partnership with MTV, EMI, XLP and the Safer London Foundation is a creative and innovative approach to concerns we all share. We know the availability of youth facilities varies from place to place and that young people are sometimes reluctant to travel far to access those facilities - so a mobile youth club makes perfect sense. The fact this particular project has been developed by MTV's Pimp My Ride team is a major boost to its profile amongst those we are trying so hard to reach."

EMI has helped fund the transformation of the van and will continue to be involved in the project going forward. Through the skills and experience of its artists and employees EMI will help the young people using the van to get the most out of its music facilities and capabilities.

“The key areas of focus for EMI’s social and community-based activities are youth, music and addiction. By providing young people with new opportunities based around music, this Pimp My Ride project is a great initiative that we’re pleased to add our support to alongside MTV and the Metropolitan Police. We hope XLP and all its members will gain tremendously from the newly pimped vehicle and all it has to offer” says Janie Orr, chief executive of the EMI Music Sound Foundation.

The show will air on the 30th November, 7pm on MTV One"

How come we can't have shit that cool in the U.S? I don't get it!

Well I hope this post goes well. Most of the DMCA stuff has been sorted out and hopefully I won't be seeing any more of that action (once again big thanks to my buddy David Lennon). ONCE AGAIN, if you don't want your songs posted here or want them taken down PLEASE CONTACT ME....

Speaking of contacting me, I am looking for an individual in the London area to work with me on this blog! There are events/interviews that I can't make and I'd like to have an associate to work with. If you have any prior experience, well I don't need a CV or a resume per se, I'd love to see some samples of your writing to see if your style will gel with mine. Please include your interests and 10 songs you're currently listening to. The address is ifallforeveryone [AT] gmail [DOT] com. Look forward to hearing from you :)

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