Wednesday, November 05, 2008

The world is right again, and Coldplay has new music for you!

Last night magical glittery stars might as well have fallen from the sky when Obama got California... when those electoral votes jumped to 283, or whatever it was, I expected to see rainbows and sunshine (and other things usually only associated with organic brain death or serious hallucinogens). It was truly a major moment. The wife and I were so excited we ran home and threw two person party!

Anyway... speaking of politically motivated well intentioned persons Coldplay are set to release a new EP. Which sounds like fun. Truthfully? I only JUST this last weekend listened to the album with any real concentration or interest (sparked perhaps by the Jay Z mixtape?)... and I did enjoy it which I will freely admit.

Why so previously hesitant to say I like Coldplay?

Although I bought "X&Y" and even enjoyed tracks on it, I sort of stuffed it in the back of my CD booklets and told people I no longer really liked Coldplay. Which was sort of true. Before that I would have rushed to see them in concert (which I had before)... but there came a time after "Fix You" when I saw a Coldplay t-shirt for sale at Target and thought "So, whimpy or not, Coldplay are like this super super huge band that people's moms listen to. And not in the way that people's moms listen to the Shins or Death Cab either. Like in a, 'I like dancing in my kitchen and listening to the Killers before the kids come home', sort of way"... Yeah. That's puhretty bad (maybe I'll change my opinion on the Killers when they release another album but anyway)... I can't identify with that at all. It's not about indie hipster bullshit cred... it's about either this is music I can enjoy, or identify with, or I can't.

I now am changing my opinion of Coldplay again. Winds of change like yesterday's victory make hopeful inspiring music less stupid. I've been listening to Joy Division and Portishead for like the last two terms straight lol... there's room for Coldplay I think in my life now :) The 'unreleased' version of "Dry Your Eyes" by The Streets, "Homecoming" by Kanye West, and "Beach Chair" also added to my desire so stop thinking of Coldplay as a soccer mom band... on top of the new album being good. And they're self aware which also helps... and they have brought politics to America's youth which didn't even care who won the presidency four (or eight) years ago. So keep it up Coldplay. You're welcome at my house anytime.

Anyway, enough blather... here's the track listing...

1. Life In Technicolor II
2. Postcards From Far Away
3. Glass of Water
4. Rainy Day
5. Prospekts March / Poppyfields
6. Lost +
7. Lovers In Japan (Osaka Sun Mix)
8. Now My Feet Won't Touch The Ground

Here's the Facebook App to preview the EP!
Glass of Water

Since I can't post anything new? How about Viva La Hova Mixtape

Ok, well I'm super busy at work and ballet and all this other stuff so I'll do what I can as far as posting. I'm pissing people off not getting stuff done so let's hope I find some time to write! Peace.

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