Sunday, November 19, 2006

Brand new this Monday... Tiny Dancers

Well here's a new one... It was sent over by the good people over at Parlophone... This is truly one where it would be helpful if you guys gave a comment as they really want to know what the public is going to think of these guys. Have they got it? I apparently think so enough to put them on the blog... however I don't want to sit here and sway you with all sorts of praise, so instead I will give you an idea of what you're going to hear on this cut!

Imagine the drumbeat from the Nine Inch Nails cover of Joy Division's 'Lost Souls'... layered over a Manic Street Preachers song... that was trying to score an American alternative radio single in the 1990's but still be edgy... with the atmospherics of The Stone Roses 'I Wanna Be Adored'. If you ask me that is a spot on description. Don't you think?

Tiny Dancers- "20 to 9"

Here's a little excerpt from the band's bio:

'Tiny Dancers are David Kay (vocals, acoustic guitar), Chris ‘Ev’ Etherington (lead guitar, keyboards), Dez Wathey (bass guitar), Duncan ‘Zed’ Morrison (drums) and Glover (keyboards, glockenspiel, percussion, guitar, noise creation). They all grew up in South Kirkby, South Elmsall and Brierley, three small former pit villages marooned in the West Yorkshire countryside between Doncaster and Wakefield. The kind of places where everyone knows everyone else and “there’s always a friendly face”, they were at the very centre of the miner’s strike – although only one of the band is old enough to have a vague memory of it.

Later, music provided a potent escape. In their isolation music from the USA seemed no more exotic than music made far closer to home, so they listened to a wide range from different eras and from both sides of the Atlantic. Indeed, they point out, their villages often had more in common with hick towns in the mid-West than with the nearby music centres of Manchester or Leeds. “It was quite depressed, yet still quite scenic,” says Ev. “And although there was a lot for a kid to do, there was not so much for adults. After the pits closed, you got sawmills and warehouses coming in, woodworkers and stonemasons. So it was a bit like the old West.”

The name is not taken from the Elton John song, but because it just felt right: playful, unassuming, but intimate too. “We like the song, but it’s not a tribute to Elton John or anything. It’s just a happy coincidence. Tiny Dancers has got a good, positive feeling.”

So what will you hear when you hear Tiny Dancers? You’ll hear a distinctly English eccentric take on those strong 60s pop melodies with close harmonies, memorable guitar riffs, touches of country rock, of techno-funk raunch, of post-punk innovation. Most of all, you’ll hear a band that fit into few established pigeonholes, that sound utterly themselves.'

Sounds good yeah? I think this is just enough to whet ones whistle. If that wasn't enough you can check em out over on Myspace or over @ the Tiny Dancers Website. I'm sure if you guys enjoy this we'll get a couple more tracks when a full length comes out. Their new EP is out tomorrow the 20th November. And you can get it Amazon U.S. and good old iTunes.

I'll be back tomorrow... In the meantime I've got some music to right and some Family Guy to watch! See you guys tomorrow!

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