Monday, November 13, 2006


SO... I've been posting a lot of dancey stuff recently (duh) but I decided to go a little old school today... I was organizing my mp3's (hold on! where did my pocket protector go! *cough*) and I found this mix I got for free from Ministry Magazine. I don't read that shit anymore (because since I've gotten older I'm more of a strictly Ghostly/Warp/Kitsune kind of guy as opposed to labels like Defected and shit like that... not that I'm above it or I don't love it... but I digress) it's just not my style, BUT this fucking mix cd is off the fucking chain! It's this sort of summery-disco-filter-jersey-paradise-garage-house that is perfect to throw on while driving to the beach on the hottest day of summer.

The summer of 2001 I tore my arse off rollerblading, I would mow down some of those strawberry chews (like those healthy Starbursts?), bust out a few bottles of Dasani, and throw this into my stereo whilst whacked out on painkillers on the way to the beach (you thought I was being healthy didn't you! Yeah right! I was fucking loaded!) Needless to say, that was the 2nd best summer of my life (I think this last Summer was the best because of my girl and the festivals we went to) and this cd was instrumental in its perfection (that and the hard narcotics for my temporarily missing butt cheek). In case you were wondering which issue of Ministy and what cd... it was the 'North vs South' issue (featuring two neon clad lassies hitting each other and wrestling), the cd was for a Ministry club nite called 'Rulin', and the Dj was Jazzy M. Here is the most out of control track on that comp... if you want more of this get at me... I know it's not as 'rock' as most of the dance I've put up BUT this is British club music and I want to cover all sides of the Brit music sphere.

Jazzy M- "Jazzin The Way You Know" YSI

Jazzy M- "Jazzin The Way You Know" zShare

Now taking it WAYYYYYYYYY further back... I thought I would post some 808 State. When I was 14, music started taking a turn for the best. All of a sudden this band Prodigy started a rumble with their monster track 'Firestarter', and along with them they brought loads of other electronic groups with them onto the shelves my local record store. I was devouring Chemical Brothers, Aphex Twin, Photek, Josh Wink, Atari Teenage Riot, Daft Punk, Bjork, Orbital, Crystal Method, Moby and all the other groups you HAD to check out back then when you were trying to build a broad palette to draw from as you create an electronic record collection. Then I started getting into the flavour of the moment... stuff like Dj Shadow, Morcheeba, Roni Size, Tricky, Portishead and other great bands of that time period. BUT I also starting going backwards and checking out the bands that I had grown up with like Depeche Mode, Pet Shop Boys, and New Order. And then I found 808 State. I found they had worked with Bjork (something fairly new to me) and Bernard Sumner from New Order (something I had grown up with) and I decided they were the perfect duo. I immediately fell in love with Ex:El. If you haven't you should too. This record helped me learn to appreciate the structure of electronic music, and that it too can offer the world pop songs you can sing along with.

808 State feat Bernard Sumner- "Spanish Heart" YSI

808 State feat Bernard Sumner- "Spanish Heart" zShare

So that's it for now... I appologize that it was a sort of rambling nostalgic post... as of tomorrow I'll be back on track... BTW I wanted to say thanks to all the visitors over the weekend... I got over a thousand hits since my last post and I don't know how it happened... but PLEASE keep coming back!

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