Saturday, November 18, 2006

I bet you'll never guess...

This has been such a confusing thing to figure out... do I keep posting Babyshambles stuff? I mean... both the radioshow and the blog wouldn't exist with out the Libertines/Babyshambles influence. I mean seriously they wouldn't. Charles and I had talked about doing a britrock show for AGES but it kept not happening. And I don't think it would have either had I not heard 'Music When The Lights Go Out' by The Libertines. I mean I've loved British rock forever, and knew who The Libertines were but that song... that song push me over the edge... in a good way. So from that angle it seems to make sense.

HOWEVER... I don't want to just be the 'Babyshambles blog'... my aim is really to be THE Britblog. And, of course, there is some work that needs to be done on this site if that's going to happen...

...But also as the blog gets bigger I am going to be less and less likely to do these posts. I mean, if this thing gets bigger, I am going to have to be accountable for me actions a little more. So I guess while I still can I will probably be doing at least one Babyshambles post a week.

BEFORE I go any further I want to point something out though... YOU CAN GO TO ALBIONARKS.COM and get most if not ALL of the stuff I am posting for free. See, one of the of the reasons The Libertines, Dirty Pretty Things, and Babyshambles have such a strong following is because they have given their music away for free prior to it's release (ususally in a slightly diminished quality... like a boombox recording, a session outtake, or a live track). It's awesome that they care enough about their fans to do that, but even if you want to be cynical it's still a REALLY smart marketing tool... I own a physical copy of LOADS AND LOADS of Libertines/Babyshambles/DPT albums, and I've got posters and books and blah blah blah... and I probably wouldn't had I not felt like I had a real connection to the band. And giving out free shit is a good way to create that bond lol!

Ok first off we've got the 'original' Radio 1 version of 'Fuck Forever'... this was the first version of the song (that I heard at least) and it is completely SPOT ON... I really hate to say it... but no other version captures the magic of this one... and certainly, at the end of the day you win some you lose some, and this is the version I prefer... of course there are loads of other versions over at ALBIONARKS.COM like the Nellee Hooper remix version, the alternate studio version etc etc... and maybe you will like those better but this one tickles my fancy!

Babyshambles- 'Fuck Forever (PERFECT Radio 1 Version) YSI

Babyshambles- 'Fuck Forever (PERFECT Radio 1 Version)' zShare

Then there is this version of 'The Whole World Is Our Playground' which is so pretty is almost brings a tear to my eye... the intro (which is absent on many other versions) is really really touching and makes the song that much better...
Babyshambles- 'The Whole World Is Our Playground (Long Intro Version) YSI

Babyshambles- 'The Whole World Is Our Playground (Long Intro Version) zShare

This track is rather large... about 14mb or so... it's about 12 mins long too... it's an excerpt from a live XFM session with them playing two songs and talking a little bit...
Babyshambles- 'Killamangiro/ Radio Talk/ 32nd Of December

Babyshambles- 'Killamangiro/ Radio Talk/ 32nd Of December

Speaking of XFM here is a really interesting performance for XFM that starts out with
Pete doing a really cool solo version of the afforementioned 'Music When The Lights Go Out' and then 'Up The Bracket'... apparently based on what he said they wouldn't let the rest of the Shambles play! At one point he suggests they have a sit down protest lol...

And here is the last one... this is the ORIGINAL (and best if you ask me) version of
'Killamangiro'... it was only release on 7" and the b-side was the previously posted 'At The Flophouse' (which was co-written with Dot Allison... HEY DOT WHEN YOU GONNA DO THAT LINER FOR ME SHOW??? :) lol) I am only going to post this as a YSI link BECAUSE this is something you should try to track down... I don't feel right giving this out to loads and loads of people.. however, if the limit has been reached and you HAVE to hear it I will send it to you as a request... but try to get it while the getting is good... and more importantly try to buy yourself a copy of the original version!

Babyshambles- 'Killamangiro (Original 7" Single Version)

I shit you not, I suggest you go out and buy these records and listen to them day in and day out and fall in love with Babyshambles (doesn't this vaguely remind you of people trying to convert you to Christianity 'AND I IMPLORE YOU TO BRING CHRIST INTO YOUR HEART AND FEEL WITH THE LOVE THAT HE HAS FOR YOU!' hahahaha). It truly is worth it. I also wanted to let you guys know that Parlophone has been nice enough to let me post this stuff (i.e. they haven't been wankers and said 'take it down...we OWN Babyshambles'), and they actually have even given me a little pat on the back about it. I still think they should let me preview a track off the E.P. (hint hint) BUT they've been so nice I can't bitch!

Hopefully, I will get time over the weekend to post more... well in fact I know I will be back because there is a song that Parlophone gave me (from a band called Tiny Dancers who have an album coming out this next week) that I want to post... so enjoy! Leave comments! And I will be back asap!

Buy music from Babyshambles!

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