Saturday, November 11, 2006

The Man That Fell To YouTube

This is what my daydreams look like inside my head...

No time for a big long post... I'm headed out of town... I so I can promise another post asap.. but make sure you check out the previous Babyshambles, and Aphex Twin posts! There are plenty zShare links if the YSI ones are dead! Anyway, here are some Bowie covers to tide you over if I don't get to post again...

The Futureheads- "Let's Dance" YSI

The Futureheads- "Let's Dance" zShare

Arcade Fire- "Five Years" YSI

Arcade Fire- "Five Years" zShare

1 comment:

Tim & Tom said...

Cool post, I'm loving the Futureheads cover. Shame the zshare link for the Arcade Fire track doesn't work.