Tuesday, November 07, 2006

I Heart Hot Chip (and NYPC)!

I mentioned in my last massive post that I fucking LOVE me some Hot Chip. I also mentioned there are loads of awesome remixes of them, and awesome remixes they have done. Here are a couple more to whet your whistle. There are a shit load of remixes they have done for other people over on eMusic... and today would be a good day to sign up for that free trail! Why you ask? Well, as of I think the 21st of this month they are CHANGING THEIR PLANS... from now on you will get FEWER SONGS in your monthly plan UNLESS you sign up now. So for $20 a month you can STILL get 90 songs, unless you sign up after the 21st and then you only get 65 or something. The specifics are not at my fingertips but it's something like that. So why don't you get your free trial on, help out you favourite blogger, and get loads of free songs! Check out the banner at the bottom...

Anyway... These files are megabyte heavy so keep that in mind... probably WICKED for Djing with (for all you Final Scratchers, et al) but will also take a grip to download if you have shitty internet. The Booka Shade one is about 16mb, and the Maida Vale one about 8mb or something. Whatever, just download them... and leave some comments.

Hot Chip- "Just Like We Breakdown (DFA Remix)"

Hot Chip- "Just Like We Breakdown (Booka Shade Vocal Mix)" YSI

Hot Chip- "Just Like We Breakdown (Booka Shade Vocal Mix)" zShare

Hot Chip- "Over And Over (Maida Vale Session Version)"

Here is the video from my fav Garfunkel-meets-filter-house Hot Chip song "Boy From School":

And the live version...

Now the other band I kind of have a crush on is New Young Pony Club. They kind of remind me of CSS but not (maybe it's just the whole dance-y band with a front woman thing). Melding the sleeze of Kelis' 'Milkshake' and cocaine aloofness of Miss Kitten they have quite probably written the best song about sucking dick/fucking/(insert sexual deviancy here) that we will hear in 2006. They still have the same party vibe as CSS but also can take that in a more headphone worthy direction as well. I actually screwed up and said that they were Austrailian (it was because Van She remixed them, and they are signed to Modular... why would I NOT think they were Aussies?) but they are actually from the U.K. which is something I am very pleased about. I can't wait to play this shit on my show!

New Young Pony Club- "Ice Cream (Original)"

New Young Pony Club- "Gotta Get Into You" YSI

And just because you love it...
New Young Pony Club- "Ice Cream (Van She Remix)" zShare

Make sure to check back for more mp3's and heartfelt endorsements about your (soon to be) favourite bands!

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