Saturday, November 25, 2006

They Keep Calling Me...

We all know about how I dork out about the Libertines (or Babyshambles) like a 16 year old girl... but Joy Division have my heart now and forever as well. It's just hard to freak out about them, well, because Ian Curtis is dead. Now, obviously, the remaining members of Joy Division went on to form New Order (who I also love) and I could rave on about them (and will in the future) but for now we will stick with just Joy Division... in fact not just Joy Division. We'll rewind all the way back to Warsaw.

Prior to taking the name Joy Division (a Nazi tag for a program where Jewish women were used to provide pleasure to Nazi troops) they called themselves Stiff Kittens, and then took the name Warsaw. Pretty obvious imagery beyond the kittens bit (which actually was suggested by the Buzzcocks as their neighbour had a cat that had kittens.. and all of them died! Apparently she ran about screaming 'look at all these stiff kittens!' or something like that).

This is the WHOLE entire Warsaw bootleg album. I can't remember where these songs came from... they aren't all from the same session and if I remember by morning I will let you know where they come from... enjoyed them though! They will be up for a week!

Warsaw- "The Drawback"

Warsaw- "The Leaders Of Men"

Warsaw- "They Walked In Line"

Warsaw- "Failures"

Warsaw- "Novelty"

Warsaw- "No Love Lost"

Warsaw- "Transmission"

Warsaw- "Living In The Ice Age"

Warsaw- "Interzone"

Warsaw- "Warsaw"

Warsaw- "Shadowplay"

Warsaw- "As You Said"

P.s. Speaking of dead rockstars... I thought that I would mention this article about Kurt Cobain. It was written by my father. I am not here to answer your questions about what did or did not happen. I cannot prove or disprove that he was there before Kurt died. All I can do is show you the way... after that it's up to you. He has been refered to by Maxim Magazine as a crackpot, but conversely the authors of "Who Killed Kurt Cobain?" stood by the fact that he had the proof that he was there. This article has been passed around the people who were close to Kurt (Kurt's mom, Courtney, Tom Grant... obviously some believe and some don't), it has been referenced in magazines and books (it almost made it into both Rolling Stone and Spin but he retracted his offer, prefering to put it online years later), and is frequently mentioned on Nirvana message boards. Whether you believe this is the holy grail of Cobain related info is up to your interpretation but, no matter how you look at it, it's certainly an important part of the Cobain legacy.

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John Flowers said...

If you haven't seen 24 Hour Party People yet, do yourself a huge favor and see it. JD are only around for about the first third of the picture, but it's one of the greatest films ever made.

You can't just watch it 10 times, i've discovered.