Thursday, November 09, 2006

Too Much Rock N Roll (Babyshambles)

Well yesterday I broke the 3,000 mark... I've gotta say... it makes me feel MIGHTY good... mighty good... GIVEN the fact that the counter has ONLY BEEN UP FOR 3 WEEKS and I hadn't been posting for months... long story short I went from getting no hits, to 20 hits a day, to 50 hits a day, to a hundred hits a day, to 300 hits a day and on and on... and seems to be a lot of you are coming back for 'more' as well! There seem to be quite a few return visitors! I mean this morning with no new post I got over a 150... weird shit...

Day Date Page Loads Unique Visitors First Time Visitors
Thursday 9th November 2006 247 166 146
Wednesday 8th November 2006 202 150 138
Tuesday 7th November 2006 329 235 213

Seems to be there a few people posting Babyshambles this week... and they are climbing up the Hype Machine with the quickness... now I thought to myself... "Hmmmm... should I do another Shambles post? I do one just about every week... Is that dumb? Maybe I should... I wonder if I can get Parlophone to give me access to the new tracks soon.... hmmmmm..." and finally just decided that it's easier to just do the post than to sit around thinking about doing it. I don't have time for that shit... thinking that is...

BUT HERE IS SOMETHING I DO HAVE TIME FOR! I have a few favourite blogs. Everyone of couse reads Stereogum, and I really like Rbally, Acid Girls, Fluo Kids, and Discobelle... but above all I love me some Palms Out Sounds! They are the coolest blog on the block, with a distinct hip-hop bent, that covers everything from Jay Z and NaS, to Spank Rock and my boys Flosstradamus. Right now they are in the running to get to do exclusive coverage of the new Jay Z album Kingdom Come but they have to win this blog competition over at Roccafella to get it. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE help them out. Either stop by Palms Out Sounds or head over to Rocafella to vote for them. Please, it doesn't take that long, I want to blogosphere (nay, the world!) to see that hip-hop ain't just 50 Cent and Dipset, it's crazy Mash-ups and B-more mixes! Thank you for your time.

So before I post the songs, check this out...

Pete is now running around with shirts that say 'Too Much Rock N Roll' and 'Drug Free'... who would have thought... maybe Liam Gallagher will say that he wants to hang out with Pete now and trade parenting tips... seeing at Liam's Little James and Pete's Astile both have the same mommy Lisa Moorish. Nothing heard as to whether Kate is actually pregnant with Pete-Child-No-2 but it does seem to be confirm that they are to marry... I don't mean to sound like a tabloid. I just can't get enough of Pete Doherty.

Just in case you forgot what it was like when he was on drugs... take a look at this video of he and a couple of the Shambles lip synching to Snoop Dog!

Ok, enough of me talking... here are the tracks... these are mostly newer tracks, and hopefully some of them will be on the upcoming 'Blinding E.P.'they are releasing on Parlophone... I should let you know NONE OF THESE ARE THE ACTUAL FINAL VERSIONS OF THE TRACKS, THEY ARE EITHER LIVE OR GOOD QUALITY DEMOS!!! The first two are from the 'Paris Rehearsals' which sound great, the second one is an acoustic version of 'Beg Steal Or Borrow' and 'Jeane' is a great track that has been floating around in the wilderness and I don't think it has any connection to anything... the last two are Live @ Paradiso Club in Amsterdam, which was actually recorded for Radio 1. The sounds quality, even though they are live, is GREAT and I really have enjoyed this set. I might post more off it in the future (thank you to 19mark78 from French Dog Blues Forum for the CD from this show)! I've posted the files in both YouSendIt and zShare because it seems to be that some of my shit doesn't show up on the Hype Machine or it's just numbers and shit... and I figured if I posted all the songs on both it couldn't go wrong (crosses fingers)! Enjoy!

Babyshambles- "French Dog Blues" YSI

Babyshambles- "French Dog Blues" zShare

Babyshambles- "I Wish" YSI

Babyshambles- "I Wish" zShare

Babyshambles- "Beg Steal Or Borrow (Acoustic)" YSI

Babyshambles- "Beg Steal Or Borrow (Acoustic)" zShare

Babyshambles- "Jeane"

Babyshambles- "Baddies Boogie" YSI

Babyshambles- "Baddies Boogie" zShare

Babyshambles- "Janie Jones (Live)" YSI

Babyshambles- "Janie Jones (Live)" zShare

BTW... Charles and I are talking about putting an RSS or XML feed from my the blog here to the 'Albion' site so we can combine the latest news with your mp3s (and make the whole thing a little more professional). The record companies, and the bands, and (most improtantly) the fans/listeners have been flooding in there recently so it only makes sense to put both sites together. So make sure to check back and see if we actually did that... like the magical Albion t-shirts I never made!

UPDATE 11/11/06

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