Monday, November 20, 2006

By order of the prophet, we ban that boogie sound!

This should be an easy post. Why? Because The Clash need NO introduction. They are one of those bands that you've probably been listening to most of your life. It doesn't really matter what musical sphere you come from, The Clash have such a far reaching impact that you (the discerning music listener with impeccable taste who reads this fantastic blog) can't get past (this is a ballpark guess) 14 years of age without being familiar with all of their radio singles and you SHOULDN'T get past 18 without one of their albums!

The last couple of years have been an interesting couple of years for the Clash legacy. Mick Jones has produced just about 75% of both the Libertines and Babyshambles catalogues... Paul Simonon is now a member of the Damon Albarn project The Good The Bad And The Queen (btw did you realize that Simon Tong from the Verve is also a member of TGTBATG? And a touring guitarist for Gorillaz?)... the surviving members introduced a sneaker with the Clash logo across the bottom of it... and here's the one that gets me the most excited... they have just released a CLASH SINGLES BOX SET!!! You can read the review over @ Pitchfork or check out the gorgeous JAPANESE IMPORT VINYL VERSION OF THE SINGLES COLLECTION THAT SOMEONE FROM MY FAMILY SHOULD BUY ME FOR CHRISTMAS BECAUSE IT IS THE COOLEST FUCKING THING I HAVE EVER SEEN!

The Clash are the most innovative band from the punk era. They made it MUCH longer than any of the other bands (I'm not including bands like PiL as an extent ion of the Sex Pistols... although while I'm mentioning PiL, Keith Levene from PiL was an original member of The Clash), scored commercial success, influenced a whole generation, and still are having an amazingly long lasting effect on the current music scene. Hell, without The Clash there would be no Libertines. Now hear the songs below and truly be inspired!

Here's some stuff off of a groovy boot called From London To Jamaica:
The Clash- "London Calling (Live In Jamaica)

The Clash- "Guns Of Brixton (Live In Jamaica)

The Clash- "Train In Vain (Live In Jamaica)"

The Clash- "Should I Stay Or Should I Go (Live In Jamaica)"

The Clash- "Rock The Casbah (Live In Jamaica)"

And here are a heap of b-sides to convince you to go out and buy this fantastic new collection... they are all off of Super Black Market Clash which is one of my all time faves...

The Clash- "1977 (B-side)"

The Clash- "Jail Guitar Doors (B-side)"

The Clash- "City Of The Dead (B-side)"

And the b-side you can't live without...
The Clash- "1-2 Crush On You (B-side)"
UPDATE: Well the last video I had up got deleted soooooooo I thought I'd up this one up. If there is any video that shows what different types of people who were into The Clash accurately it's this video... and when you think about it... there really was no cool before The Clash (well the Sex Pistols, but they didn't quite dress like The Clash did) and these people's quotes and reactions show that. Nowadays we'd all be much more cool and calculated. Dry and well thought out. In short: just a full of shit as they were.

Andddddddddddd... since you guys know I'm a Babyshambles fanatic... here is the recent video from the Strummerville Charity version of the song that the boys and their friends did... I mean everyone in the fucking world (including Janie Jones herself) is in this video.. look close to make sure you catch all the cameos.. there really isn't one person who isn't a big name in this puppy!

SO GO PICK THAT ALL THAT SHIT UP (for me hehehe)! Because that box set is about the sickest purchase you can make this year... and there are a very limited number of those sneakers around... just don't buy them all up because I need a pair too! Same goes for the records! I'll be back tomorrow and it's probably going to be a sweet Joy Division post to stay tuned!

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